nametypedefaultdescriptionrequired version
calendar value, use v-modle for binding. String (including empty) means single seleciton; array (including empty array) means multiple selection.--
render-montharrayspecify which date to render, for example [2018, 8]--
start-datestringstart date with format YYYY-MM-dd--
end-datestringend date with format YYYY-MM-dd--
show-last-monthbooleantrueif show last month's days--
show-next-monthbooleantrueif show next month's days--
highlight-weekendbooleanfalseif highlight weekend days--
return-six-rowsbooleantrueif always show six rows--
hide-headerbooleanfalseif hiding header--
hide-week-listbooleanfalseif hiding week list--
replace-text-listobjectreplace list, for example, {'TODAY':'今'}--
weeks-listarray['Su', 'Mo', 'Tu', 'We', 'Th', 'Fr', 'Sa']week list, starting from Sunday--
render-functionfunctionrender function to add extra contents, params (line, row, dateData)--
render-on-value-changebooleantrueif re-render calendar if value changes, should set to false when showing multi months--
disable-pastbooleanfalseif disable the past days, can work with start-date--
disable-futurebooleanfalseif disable future days, can work with end-date--
marksarray(beta) style marks for specified date listv2.6.0
disable-weekendbooleanfalsewhether disable weekendsv2.7.0
disable-date-functionfunctioncheck if a date should be disabledv2.7.0


nameparamsdescriptionrequired version
@on-change--emits when value is changed--
@on-view-change(data, index)fires when render month is changedv2.5.12
@on-select-single-date(currentValue)fires when date is selected in radio mode2.7.6


namedescriptionrequired version
each-dayyou can custom how to display each dayv2.3.5


nameparamsdescriptionrequired version
getDatesget current date listv2.5.11
switchViewToTodayrender current monthv2.5.12
switchViewToMonth(year, month)render specified year and monthv2.5.12
switchViewToCurrentValuerender with current value's monthv2.5.12



Total commits quantity: 65,Total contributors quantity: 6

airylandQiongrong Jianglongyuan万刚greedyinglichunqiang



  • v2.7.6 [feature] add event:on-select-single-date
  • v2.7.3 [fix] disable-date-function result conflicts with disable-weekend #2189
  • v2.7.2 [fix] fix reset-value issue in multiple mode #2160
  • v2.7.2 [fix] fix props missing in calendar #2105
  • v2.7.2 [fix] fix disabled weekends still selectable #2178
  • v2.7.0 [enhance] call render function on created hook instead of mounted(ssr)
  • v2.7.0 [feature] add prop:disable-weekend #2105
  • v2.7.0 [feature] add prop:disable-date-function #2105
  • v2.7.0 [fix] remove useless re-render function #2066
  • v2.6.0 [feature] (beta) Support prop:marks to style specified date item
  • v2.6.0 [fix] fix i18n for days
  • v2.5.12 [feature] add method:switchViewToToday switchViewToMonth
  • v2.5.12 [feature] support event:on-view-change
  • v2.5.11 [feature] support method:getDates
  • v2.5.11 [feature] support less variable @calendar-bg-color
  • v2.5.9 [fix] donot set value to empty string when clicking on current selected item #1862
  • v2.5.8 [fix] fix on-change event fires twice #1847
  • v2.5.5 [feature] support multi select #1446 #1467
  • v2.4.0 [enhance] re-render when render-month is changed
  • v2.3.8 [enhance] prevent from clicking invisiable date #1564
  • v2.3.6 [change] render-function params day => date #1361
  • v2.3.5 [feature] Support slot:each-day
  • v2.3.1 [fix] Fix render-function-generated-content visibility issue #1409
  • v2.2.2 [enhance] when replace text of date is empty string, span of date will not show
  • v2.2.1-rc.2 [enhance] Now next month's day can be clicked and will automatically switch to next month's view #1192
  • v2.2.1-rc.2 [fix] fix start-date and end-date not reactive #1219
  • v2.1.1-rc.10 [feature] Add more less variables. #896
  • v2.1.1-rc.5 [fix] fix render-function not reactive