nametypedefaultdescriptionrequired version
valuebooleanvisibility of popup, use v-model for binding--
heightstringautopopup height, works when position is top or bottom--
hide-on-blurbooleantrueif closing popup when mask being clicked--
is-transparentbooleanfalseif using transparent backgroundv2.1.1-rc.9
widthstringautoif you want to set 100% width, you should use this prop. only works when position is left or rightv2.2.1-rc.6
positionstringbottompopup position, shoule be one of ['left', 'right', 'top', 'bottom']v2.2.1-rc.6
show-maskbooleantruewhether show maskv2.2.1-rc.6
popup-styleobjectpopup stylev2.5.2
hide-on-deactivatedbooleantruewhether hide popup on deactived event when using keep-alivev2.5.5
should-rerender-on-showbooleanfalsewhether rerender body on showv2.9.0
should-scroll-top-on-showbooleanfalsewhether scroll top on show,add class vux-scrollable if you customize the scrollable divv2.9.0


nameparamsdescriptionrequired version
@on-hide--emits when then popup is closed--
@on-show--emits when the popup shows--
@on-first-show--emits at the first time the popup shows--


namedescriptionrequired version
defaultcontent body--


namedefaultdescriptioninherited name
@popup-picker-header-text-color #04BE02 --@theme-color
@popup-picker-header-bg-color #fbf9fe --
@popup-picker-header-font-size 16px --
@popup-picker-header-cancel-text-color #828282 --
@popup-background-color #eee --
@popup-header-height 44px --
@popup-header-bg-color #fbf9fe --
@popup-header-font-size 16px --
@popup-header-left-text-color #828282 --
@popup-header-right-text-color #04BE02 --@theme-color
@popup-header-title-text-color #222 --
@popup-header-left-text-padding 15px --
@popup-header-right-text-padding 15px --



Total commits quantity: 52,Total contributors quantity: 5

KwanairylandClay万刚Lin Sen



  • v2.9.1 [fix] fixed popup has black border on the right #2651
  • v2.9.0 [feature] support prop:should-rerender-on-show for forcing rerendering #2598
  • v2.9.0 [feature] support prop:should-scroll-top-on-show for forcing scrolling top #2598
  • v2.5.12 [fix] clean vux-modal-open on beforeDestroy and deactivated #1921
  • v2.5.11 [fix] add vux-modal-open only when global config:$layout is VIEW_BOX #1893
  • v2.5.10 [fix] Fix class helper typo issue #1893
  • v2.5.9 [fix] Fix layout errors when body not set 100% width #1867
  • v2.5.5 [feature] Auto hide popup on deactived #1774
  • v2.5.2 [feature] Add prop:popup-style #1656
  • v2.3.7 [fix] Fix missing mask when initial value is true #1555
  • v2.3.3 [enhance] Set max-height:100% by default
  • v2.3.3 [feature] Support prop:max-height
  • v2.3.3 [fix] disable mask scrolling on mobile #1475 @xiaobinhong1
  • v2.2.2 [fix] Fix mask closing issue in some situation. #1312
  • v2.2.1-rc.6 [fix] Fix popup classname get lost
  • v2.2.1-rc.6 [feature] Support prop:show-mask
  • v2.2.1-rc.6 [feature] Support prop:position
  • v2.2.1-rc.6 [feature] Support prop:width
  • v2.1.1-rc.11 [fix] Fix wrong overflowScrolling when mask is disabled
  • v2.1.1-rc.9 [enhance] Better mask transition
  • v2.1.1-rc.9 [feature] Support tranparent background
  • v2.1.1-rc.9 [feature] Support less variable: @popup-background-color
  • v2.1.1-rc.6 [fix] Fix wrong setting of overflow-scrolling when using multi popup on Safari #1015 @think2011
  • v2.1.1-rc.1 [fix] Fix overflow-scrolling setting in safari #311 @linhaobin